MSCRM Tricky Questions

1) If there are three entities..when I am updating field of Opportunity then it will update field of account and when it is being updated then field of contact will be updated…How to achieve this requirement??

Ans– Using OOB workflow

2)If there are three fields in an entity then how to make searchable through all these fields in Quick Find??

Ans– Under Quick find view –> Add Find Columns (for searching) Under Quick find view –> Add view columns(For displaying)

3)If there are Sales Manager and salesman and there are 3 fields like Itemcost, selling price and revenue…and revenue is not visible for Salesman…if those two fields is updated then revenue will be updated….How to achieve it??

Hint— Impersonation

Ans– Need to login with Admin context means here Sales Manager In Plugin if we are using Impersonation means login with Admin’s context then we r able to  trigger the plugin for updating the revenue field based on Itemcost but still that revenue field will be not visible.
So I think write answer will be If revenue field is not visible then we can find this field in Advanced Find.

If data of revenue is not visible then we need to apply field level security on that field means remove field level security of that field for that user means for Salesman.

4)If there  is a entity named as Account and it has related contacts records…if parent account record will be deleted then all its child record is deleted but when parent record is assigned to another entity then child record will not assigned… How to achieve this??

Ans– In Configurable cascade There are six options like Assign, Share , Unshare, Delete, Reparent, Merge.

We need to select Configurable Cascading  For Assign — Cascade None For Delete — Cascade All

5)There are 2 entities Account and Contact.. if field of Account is updated then it will update the field of contact..For this I used Plugin and if it is not working properly then what is the  resolution step for it…For this I used OOB Workflow and if it is not working properly then what is the resolution step for it…
Ans — If it is On-premise we can resolve it from back-end means from Sql Server
Right answer will be “Trace Message”means We have used trace service 10 times or 12 times in the code (If it is Online MSCRM instance) then we r able to trace means where the code has problem means giving error. We can see the error in tracingService.Tracelog record.

We can find Tracelog record in “Settings –> Plugin Trace Log Entity”.
For enable trace logSettings –> Administration –> System Settings –> Customization tab –> Enable logging to plugin tracing Bu default it is off, we need to choose All or Exception.
Note : The contents of this trace log is only output when an exception is thrown in a plugin/workflow activity.

With CRM2015 Update 1 – you can turn on trace logging for ‘All’ in the Settings and this will write to the ‘Plugin Trace’ entity.
For On-premise Tracing service is automatically enabled and we need to use Fiddler in which it will be traced and it will show upper left side when we click the that line of code it will show the error at the lower right side in fiddler.Or we can see in EventViewer(Eventvwr for opening using Windows+R) regarding tracing.

There we can find about tracing in Application.


Suppose plugin is synchronous then it will give error instantly and suppose it is asynchronous then we will check system jobs–> logAfter seeing error I’ll go to dev anf ifx it and deploy to Production.

6) If some ribbon buttons is not working properly then what will be the resolution step??Ans : That error can be catched in Fiddler from there wwe can resolve it or we need to check SDK , beacuse there can be an error in SDK file.If it is not catched in Fiddler Secondly we can debug using F12 button and place breakpoint for finding error if the ribbon button is not OOB button.And if it is a OOB button then first we need to open that entity in SDK –> Resources, Beacuse SDK has all entities RibbonXml . So open that particular entityRibbonXml and go to that ribbon button and check which function is used for that ribbon button. Copy function of that ribbon button  and search it in Debugger after pressing F12 and place Breakpoint multiple times where this function is called.

Note: For OOB button, function is called multiple times but      For Custom button, function is called only one time.

7) Can we hide the  ribbon buttons??

Ans – Using Enable/Disable rules.

if any ribbon button is not visible unintentionally then we need to check Enable/Disable rule.

8)Can we hide the Entity?

Ans — yes, using security role.Create a user and then assign any role for example Salesperson .

After that go to salesperson security role and give none for all privilege for any entity suppose Invoices then Invoice entity will be not visible for that user.
Note: Whatever we do customization in MSCRM (whether it is done bu any user), it happens at Organization level not user level.
Note : Impersonation can be applied on Plugin and synchronous workflow.

9)If  email is not receiving what would be the resolution step?? How to resolve it??Ans — If email is not receiving and if we used Server Side Synchronization then go to Settings –> Email Configuration –>Mailboxes

Double click on that user or customer and then click on “Test and enable Mailbox”and if we get an error then only we can say what is the problem and we’ll fix it.
Same if we use Email Router means In Email Router also we will test Mailbox means test for incoming mails and after getting error we will fix it.

10)Have U ever worked on integration part of CRM??

Ans — No Integration of CRM means Data Migration of CRM
11) If a customer wants a new dashboard/Chart which is not available in MSCRM then how to create that dashboard/chart??

Ans — For Dashboard we need to edit DashboardXml file secondly we can create a web portal using ASP.Net but it is not recommended.For creating new dashboard which is not in CRM then Create a web-resource and insert a IFrame and give URL of any .rdl file(means for SQL Server report, Fetch-xml report etc). Then in this scenerio we can create a dashboard.

12)How to connect A CRM with .NET application??

13) A customer wants to introduce some visual cues to their Opportunity records. You have a requirement to create a web resource that simply changes it’s background colour , based on the rating of the opportunity

When the rating is ‘Cold’ it must display Blue

for ‘Warm’ it should display Orange

And for ‘Hot’ it needs to display Red.

Please detail how you would approach this requirements, what steps you would take to create the components, display in on the form and an outline of how you would provide colour coding based on a record’s value.

Using the Client Side SDK, how would you approach the following requirement

  • On the create of a new Case
  • A user selects a customer before saving the form.
  • Once this customer is selected
  • Autocomplete a lookup on the form “Last Raised Case”
  • This value should be set as the last case raised for the Customer.

Please describe / pseudocode as much detail as possible

Using the Client Side SDK, how would you validate the value held in a phone number attribute, when a user types in a new value, to ensure it is always formatted in a specific way?

(e.g.  +44 1234 567 890)

Which types of Entity images are available, for a plugin step registered on a post operation stage of the execution pipeline?

You have created a plugin which is registered In the Pre-operation stage, of the execution pipeline.


The Plugin Is triggered on Create of a new contact.

The Target of the create request, is the contact entity.


You have been asked to make a change to the plugin to include the following logic.

  • When the contact creates
  • Set a field named “new_needsassesment” to the value of ‘true’


Please describe or Pseudocode below, the basic steps you would take to meet this need.

Using the CRM SDK, specifically the RetrieveMultiple Request of the Organisation Service, you have a requirement to retrieve all contacts in the system where the parent Company is

“Adventure Works”.  Each of the contacts needs to be updated, setting the field DoNotSendEmail as ‘true’.


The Response of this retrieve Multiple contains over 500 contacts.


Describe (or pseudocode) the most efficient way to update all these accounts.

Include the SDK messages you would use to perform this task.

You have been asked to write a plugin, which Sends an email to the customer assigned to a case record, once the case is resolved. The Plugin needs to send email using an existing template that is setup in the system.

When Interacting with Dynamics CRM, What SDK Message would you use to close a Quote?

(The standard Quote Entity, provided as part of the sales module)


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