OData REST End Point of Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  offers a REST endpoint located at the following address:
[Your Organization Root URL]/XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc

The REST endpoint is easier to configure and to call, specially from JavaScript.

The bandwidth used is also lower and the answers to requests are faster, essentially because the protocol is simpler.

This endpoint facilitates CRUD operation on entities via scripts using Atom or Json format.

  • $expand Directs that related records should be retrieved in the record or collection being retrieved.
  • $filter Specifies an expression or function that must evaluate to ‘true’ for a record to be returned in the collection.
  • $orderby Determines what values are used to order a collection of records.
  • $select Specifies a sub set of properties to return.
  • $skip Sets the number of records to skip before it retrieves records in a collection.
  • $top Determines the maximum number of records to return.

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